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25th German Sports Festival for the Deaf: Sportfest-Cup in Dresden on 28.08.2021

Sportfest-Cup as part of the 25th German Sports Festival for the Deaf (25. Deutsche Gehörlosen Sportfest) in Dresden, 26.-28.08.2021

The results and certificates you will find here: Result & Certificates

Information as of 22.08.2021:

The Swimming Competition will take place!!

Final Registration Results published, see below.

Special condition of this competition:
It will be a joined competion together with the German Deaf Championchip, therefor the following rule applies:

The start signals shall be given by light signals:
The start signals according to §125 WB-Swimming of the DSV („several short whistles“, „long whistle“, command „On your marks“ and the start signal itself) will be replaced by light signals. A briefing for all competitors will take place before the start of the competition.

Due to the holiday season and the general conditions with the Covid-19 pandemic, it is necessary to schedule breaks due to the number of entries and thus the number of heats per competition. This gives the athletes who start in two consecutive competitions time to regenerate.

Competition Date: 28.08.2021
Entry 08:30 hrs
50m lane

Swimming complex Freiberger Platz
Freiberger Platz 1a
01067 Dresden

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